What is “Buceta rosa”? Or why has lechery become so fashionable in Russia?

In the beginning of the 2018 World Cup a video was widely circulated on the Internet, in which a Russian girl is singing “buceta rosa” (meaning “pink pussy” and also “female sex organs” in Portuguese) along with Brazilian fans. The video caused a scandal in Brazil, as people condemned in social media their fellow countrymen making a mockery of the girl who did not understand Portuguese. According to local media, one of the fans was soon fired from his job and the other received a severe reprimand.

However, gentlemen, Buceta Rosa is a diagnosis! And not only for Russia where lots of girls are casting prudence to the winds, but for the ENTIRE world community as well!

What is football, the World Cup in which Russia is hosting for the first time? A team sport where 20 millionaires chase a single ball across the field, trying to gain glory, money and prestige by a spectacular sleight of foot. The World Cup is not a competition of enthusiastic amateurs devoting their free time to sports and playing for the love of the game! No! That era came to an end in the past century! Today’s football is a multi-billion industry, a global monster capturing more and more victims!

It is not by chance that the mass hysteria called football has even its unofficial “religion” with a “god” and “cult”! Yes, indeed! You “Christians” are worshipping an IDOL instead of professing Christ! You are worshipping Baal whom you call “Football God”! This is not a hyperbole! Such a “religion” has been officially registered!

When man forgets God, God firstly appeals to the backsliders through the prophets who denounce the dishonest ones, and afterwards, unless they come to their senses, God DESTROYS the hardened sinners! Remember ancient Sodom and Gomorrah! God destroyed them for lechery! Moscow! Saint Petersburg! Yekaterinodar! Yekaterinburg! Samara! Königsberg! Rostov! Do you want to be destroyed by fire from the heavens?! What’s going on in yours streets?!

You are enjoying the meaningless show staged by the deceitful two-tongued Russian government! While Putin is raising the retirement age and the VAT rate and all prices are growing, you only think about having fun! You are looking for somebody to have it off with and then change them for the second, third, tenth, hundredth! “Russian girls are the best in the world”, the presidential press-secretary said. “They know what they are doing!” And I will say, “You don’t understand what you are doing!” A similar frenzy already occurred in this country! It was in the mid-1950s when Moscow hosted the World Festival of Youth and Students. Yet, at that time the desire to have an affair with a “partner” looking unlike the people around you was not as widespread as it is now! People had national pride! They cared for the Honor of their country! Now that the Iron Curtain has fallen and the borders are open, men are marrying men and women are marrying women, underprivileged old veterans are starving, greedy wheeler-dealer billionaires are fattening their pockets and 90% of the population hardly make ends meet, I am calling upon you to STOP and THINK!

All that happens on the Earth happens NOT by chance, but by God’s Will! Every occurrence, whether frightful or happy, has its causes! Of course, 80% of those reading this text will shrug their shoulders and say: “Poor fool! What God! Make money! Hurry up to change the “partner”! Enjoy yourself before it’s too late, because life is short! Buceta rosa!”

But what if you Reader belong to the remaining 20 percent?! What if you have something to say?! SPEAK UP! Raise the alarm before Lord destroys our Earth!!!! And remember that the Portuguese “Buceta rosa” sounds like “bouquet of roses” in Russian!

Vladimir Kuzin

Peregrination of an Orthodox priest from far Pakistan to the roots of Faith

We will tell about the residence in Russia of the one and only in the whole Pakistan Russian Orthodox ROCOR priest Joseph Farooq.


It’s no secret that if it seems that you are on a hiding at nothing and only a miracle can help you, through your prayers that Miracle will happen!

Father Joseph Farooq from Pakistan for long time had been dreaming about visit to Russia, bit due to limited financial resources could not afford this trip…

He had a fascination for Russia in an effort to know how Russian people lived on their native soil. He loves and holds Russians in high respect. We cannot imagine how Christians much less Orthodox Christians have to live in utter humiliation in an Islamic country where nobody would give a pinch of snuff for the life of a Christian. We, Russians, like to rail against our Russia, and it does not occur to us that the place that we blaspheme, for the popular majority of humanity, residents of emerging states, is a hopeless dream. We can go to the Orthodox churches, the priests in our country are the most respectable persons, and we just cannot understand what it means to die for Christ’s sake, give life for Faith. Pakistani Christians know it firsthand. The more important is a testimony about Faith of a person who follows up – the Priest.

Father Joseph came to Russia at the invitation of the leadership of Orthodox Russia group http://pravoslavnajarossia.ru and stayed almost two weeks here. For his journey, there were collected donations to the amount of 54,000 rubles, all together another 200,000 rubles were contributed by me. We also managed to collect 47,000 rubles for clerical vestments, icons and other necessary for the Orthodox community things. When the question about the possibility of visiting Russia came up and it felt like unrealizable, I promised Fr. Joseph that he would come to us. No matter how many donations would be collected. All we needed was praying to God and believing that the prayers would come true! Fr. Joseph believed and his dream came true!

When I was meeting him in the Moscow airport I could not imagine what trial had prepared the Lord for me. His plane landed. First passengers got off the plane. Then the passengers from that flight came in flocks but in spite of all my attempts to look out for the face which I knew from photos, I could not see him. Al last my phone rang. I answered in English, however, it was not Fr. Joseph. A lady who presented herself as an airport security officer began to inquire whom I was meeting, who and what I was, where I lived… And only having satisfied her curiosity she announced that if I invited Fr. Joseph to Russia, I had to fill in the official form the guarantee for the entire period of his stay in Russia. Father Joseph is an honest man, and although he came on a tourist and not a visitor visa, he told Russian frontier guards not the things he had to tell but the words put into his mouth by his soul. Thus I became official security. For a man who is my senior. For an Orthodox priest. For my great friend priest Joseph Farooq.

Faith is capable to work wonders, and the visit of the poor Pakistani from a potty little town at a distance of more than 10,000 km is the evidence par excellence!

You have no money?! You have no connections?! Nobody has invited you?! You are chosen by the Lord for His service! You can move heaven and earth!

When he and I came to the Patriarchal Epiphany Cathedral in Yelokhovo to pay our respects to holy sites, that priest for a long time humbly waited for confession letting more impatient people go by. And he was last to go to confession. Pursuant to his request to me to translate (Father does not know Russian), as I was a parishioner of that church, the confessor archpriest Boris, who in olden times consecrated my car, remarked with a humorous undertone that on the eve of the Pentecost to him as a priest understanding of any language was accessible, he, lackaday, did not know English. Father Joseph made his confession thoroughly, in a gentle voice and humbly the same as he queued up for the confession. In English! Father Boris heard him and granted absolution. When 3 days later he saw both of us in the chancel surrounded by clergy he said: What men! He apparently remembered the confession! Once I made confession in the St. Nicholas Cathedral in Vienna (Austria). Having waited for my turn I repentantly in Russian told about my sins. Though it is embarrassing to admit but I told the priest everything. In response, the priest looking very much like Russian priests listened to me attentively, smiled and said: I don’t understand! The Lord only knows whether he understood Russian, but the kindness sounding in his voice I remembered once and for all.

The priesthood are not ordinary people. They who harbor within their hearts the God’ grace of servicing the Truth that chose them for the sake of weaker brethren. Father Joseph on the advice which gave me my spiritual father archpriest Mikhail begged for the blessing of the hegumen of the Epiphany Cathedral archpriest Alexander to take the evening service. It emerged that Fr. Alexander knew many priests of ROCOR by name and the conversation before service about the phone number of ROCOR in the clerical office of bishop Hilarion, the ROCOR beneficiary, looked quite matter-of-factly. Whereas it was not an ordinary service. It was Saturday’s evening. The liturgical Low Sunday Feast was beginning. In the same way that once the Apostle Thomas fell down before the Lord, the priest from far Pakistan held a feast rite in the Patriarchal Cathedral. Divine Providence!

When two days later we fell down before relics of St. Venerable Peter and Fevronia in Murom, Father Joseph was blessed to officiate. The office was excellent! Sisters of Charity were singing so heartily and profoundly that my mission opened up to me – to help the poor ones, serve the priests, defend the feeble ones, tilt at wrongs, stand for the Truth without regard to my own life… And you know, it is well worth it! When a miracle came into your life, you’ll never remain the same!

Father Joseph in the course of stay in Russia hit upon one fascinating idea — the thing you put your faith in will come true!

So let Russia always shine in his heart with kindness and sincerity of Russian Orthodox Christians, his brothers and sisters!


Orthodox missioner


Orthodox Russia

Orthodoxy in Islamic Pakistan

In spite of persecution and oppression the orthodox community of the Russian Orthodox Church abroad is working in Pakistan.

Our story is about these courageous Christians, our brothers and sisters.

It is no secret that modern people are proud of their tolerance. This is a Western disease, which has spread over Russia. The term “tolerance” is not used in the Islamic world. Moslems think that Islam is the only true religion and in the name of Allah you can kill infidels, burn them alive in furnaces, destroy Christian churches and icons, consecrate Christian relics, murder monks and priests. What seems barbarity and outrage to us, the Russians, is everyday routine in Pakistan. Human rights are practically not observed in this country. Nevertheless, even in those inhuman conditions of the lack of faith there are some devotees who bring the Gospel of Christ to people.

I’ve known Father Joseph Farukh, a 46 year old Pakistani, for several years. I learnt about him by chance when I was reading my Twitter newsfeed. We gradually became friends. We talked, organized financial help, sent parcels with Orthodox icons and other things for the needs of the Russian Orthodox Mission named after St. Rev. Sergius of Radonezh, which is headed by Father Joseph. The more I communicated with him, the more trust and affection I had to him.

God leads people with the help of such devotees who, not fearing death and privation, invocate them to True Faith. Such devotees were apostles. Such devotees were the first Christians. Such a devotee is Father Joseph. Each of us, Orthodox Christians, must be such a devotee.

The Russian Orthodox Mission of the Russian Orthodox Church abroad is in a small town of Sargoda, 100 km from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. According to Russian standards this is a small community, several dozens of people, who are very friendly and have a sincere wish to live a Christian life. Father Joseph is married. He has a daughter, Mary, and a son with a Russian name Dimitry. One could only envy this priest’s faith and courage. He organized the orthodox community, practically alone, without any financial help of sponsors or church authorities. Services take place several times a week, including all main holy days, in an outland, desolate 50 sq.m. building. However, this church is always absolutely packed – there is not enough room to swing a cat… People come in advance, pray, make their confessions and take communion. After the service they organize various events in order to tell their fellow citizens about Orthodoxy and its verity.

It is a very friendly community. It helps local widows, who remained without bread-winners, and orphans, whose parents in some cases have been killed because of their faith. One quarter of Pakistanis are Christians, but they are treated like outcasts. They cannot get a well-paid job, they are paid less than the Moslems, they are refused medical treatment and are often treated unfairly in courts. Besides Father Joseph Farukh there is another Orthodox priest in Pakistan, Father John Taneer. He represents the Patriarch of Constantinople’s office.

Catholics constitute the majority of Christians in Pakistan, then come Protestants. It has always been so. Therefore it is even more gratifying that there are Orthodox Christians in this far away Southern country, where the temperature in summer rarely drops below 40° С.

These people live in utter poverty. Besides that Pakistan is a developing third world country, the Christians, especially Orthodox Christians, as the smallest religion minority, live in inhuman conditions. Poverty, lack of medical help, hatred of their fellow citizens who often call them pigs and dogs make the life of Christians a heroic deed.

These people cannot leave; they are attached to their Motherland and love it, suffering for their Faith. The community “Orthodox Russia” is offering some help for these courageous people. Visit http://pravoslawnie.ru

Dear readers! Help these people if you can. Even a small donation will be appreciated. We address those whose hearts are not indifferent to the calamity of the others, to those who believe that Orthodoxy is the Truth.


Sberbank VISA card number: 4276 3800 7902 2344


Let’s help them! God bless those who will answer this request for help.

Peace to all of you.

Vladimir Kuzin,

Orthodox missionary


What steps in economy do we need?

Russian state and national economic thought attempt to steer the country out of the lingering crisis with little success. What is the way out? Is it at all possible?!


The way out has always been, and remains! And the way out of economic crisis too. It is a happy medium between planning and market, between free competition and state protectionism!

From history we know that the highest rates of GDP growth were achieved just in our country in the 1930s. The Stalinist economy was developing at the more than 30 (!) per cent growth rate every year! It was a result of not only highly centralized state planning system, use of slave labor of prison population, threat of repressions “for sabotage” and “noncompliance with a plan”, but also of the veritable public enthusiasm. Bolsheviks managed to imbue Soviet people that they were building the “glorious future”, communism, which was almost here. Work and the communism is downfall from now! 😉

It is no secret that Russians have always been carried away not by their own profit, not greed of gold, but just the dreams about public Happiness.

Russians were always notable for generous nature, outstanding quick mind and strong anxiety for solution to problems for the benefit of society, community. And the Revolution in 1917, the Main national catastrophe of Russia of the XX century and probably within its millenarian history could not change this outstanding feature of Russian people. In the USSR it assumed the other accent.

But how is it possible to take Russia out of stagnation? Reject liberal economic model! Messrs. Kudrin, Gref, Nabiullina, Chubais etc. are traitors of the country’s interests, after all, they together with Medvedev and Putin are setting the economic course!

What immediate actions must Russia take?

— decrease tax and legal burden upon small business, encourage entrepreneurial initiative nationwide in economic and legislative terms. Back off!

— refuse to subsidize the West buying their government bonds and other securities, “stable” currency-denominated

— as a priority, invest in state budget – not in expansion and upgrading of law enforcement agencies – but in public health service, applied and fundamental science, education and infrastructure (transport accessibility, municipal and inter-city public transport, falling costs of communications)

— enact a law on mandatory processing of energy sources in the home country, effectively prohibit their export abroad in raw condition

— shift the vector of national development from baiting of browned off oligarchs who soon will burst from “global level fee earnings” (Sechin’s expression) toward rehabilitation of economic mechanism and its public and not oligarch-crony focus! It is necessary to forget about pursuit of money, about primacy of money over healthy economy, monetization through thick and thin!

— decrease interest of bank credit and establish 1-2% key interest rate per annum. Therefore, the rate in commercial banks will not exceed 3-4% per annum that will allow for more actively investments into the engine for growth – industry and a real sector of economy. Put another way, just the development of priority industries will permit the country to get out of crisis and within several years steadily break through 10% GDP growth per annum.

I do not suggest confiscating property stolen by oligarchs because it will result in a short-time shift of balance and an actual bank failure. This measure is possible and desirable only after the change of political system and restoration of the Monarchy in our country.

More than likely, the people in power will not listen to the voice of ordinary people and will continue to strengthen the apparatus of repressions to the prejudice of development and harmonization of economy. The oligarchs etc. will not go down without a fight, because of it the only possible way out in order to accelerate and restore the health of the economy is the change of the political order! From the power of corrupted money men to the power of the God’s chosen Tsar who would draw on the upper class and every day people and not on corruption and nepotism as is done by the current regime!

“Democracy”?! No! Autocratic monarchy!

Until in power stay those who dream not about the country’s progress but about their private life of Reilly in the West, Russia will never be raised!

©Vladimir, 2017

People Are Scared? It Only Makes the Government Happier.

In the Russia of today the possibility of protests is minimal, which only makes the government happier.

The petition for the resignation of the Russian government has been put on www.change.org for already a week, and only about 100 people have signed it. The apathy of the Russians is obvious, as well as the lack of desire to protest against the current political regime. A question arises — are the Russians really so intimidated or have they got used during the 25 years of the new Russia to keep their thoughts to themselves and to avoid fighting with injustice (which can hardly be called an active position in life). As a result, we can state the triumph of the consumer society and we can see that the citizens of Russia have turned into a flock of sheep submissively waiting to be slaughtered. According to sociologists, the September Duma Election will have the all-time lowest turnout — on average about 25 %. The current political system seems to be more stable and firm than ever before, but isn’t it a lull before the storm?

A hundred years ago, in 1917, the situation in Russia was simultaneously similar and different from the current one. The country was engaged in an attritional war. The fall in the standard of living was obvious, as well as the disillusionment of most of the population with the policies of the ruling elite. However, the activists among both simple workers and middle class increased their anti-government activities, taking advantage of the concealed dissatisfaction of the people. They both wanted one thing — to reform the current political system and come to power.

The current situation cannot but surprise us. In the past people used to go out into the streets and protest if any signs of dissatisfaction with the authorities appeared. However, now the protests have reduced themselves to just chitchat about «these authorities», even to heart-to-heart talks with total strangers. It’s no secret that taxi drivers love talking with their clients. I recently traveled by taxi and my driver, who turned out to be quite an intelligent person and talked to me head-to-head, expressed a brilliant idea: Russia is actually sleeping now and it has been sleeping for a 1000 years, since it was baptized. The Russians wake up only during a national disaster. Nothing else can wake the Russian bear up! Can you imagine that? The country wakes up a couple of times during a century, while its normal state is sleep!

It seems that the Russians’ sleepiness is growing. The total control of authorities over all kinds of protest, incessant surveillance of the Fronde and neutralization of the most active oppositionists seems to be yielding fruit. The kind Tsar is good, but the boyars are bad — that’s what about 90% of population think. Russia is sleeping, while the rest of the humanity is moving along. Do you think we are in the midst of the global economic recession now? Only five countries have seen the decrease of their GDP this year — Brazil, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia. Hang on, they say on the First National TV Channel in Russia that the global economic recession has affected China, the USA and the EU. Let’s try to understand this. The annual rate of economic growth in China is 7%, and if there has been a slight slowdown, it is not significant. In the «rotting States», the main antagonist of Russia the annual GDP growth is about 1-2%, which suits the Americans perfectly if the hegemony of the dollar continues. In Western Europe the annual rate is slower — 0,5-1%, but it has deflation! The purchasing power of euro is growing, the prices are falling, therefore the actual economic growth is bigger. In Brazil the GDP decrease is connected with the sharp growth of Brazilian real to dollar exchange rate, in Venezuela — with the poor government which failed to cope with the oil crisis. Only in the ex-USSR countries the «global» economic crisis is in full play!

You know, gentlemen, it’s a medical diagnosis. If we do not start improving our lives ourselves, nothing will help us! We must start with ourselves! Each of us! When the Russian destructive moronic economic system changes — the situation will change. Currently the most important thing in economy is to get the phantom profit, to make money, but not to achieve the efficiency of industrial growth and products. With this approach nothing will ever change. Like priest, like people. Medvedev, go away!

The petition for the resignation of the government of the Russian Federation is available at: http://pravitelstvu.net

©Vladimir, 2016

Who was defeated by “United Russia” at the Duma election?

Most Russians do not doubt the authority of the ruling party. The people trust President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev. The tandem and the ruling vertical are immutable.

“United Russia” has won the Duma election with about 54% of votes. The results could not have been different. The protest moods had been reduced to a minimum; the opposition is split and broken. However, a question arises – who was defeated by “United Russia”?

Not its competitors, who were submissively getting their candidates lists approved by the Kremlin! The common sense was defeated! The common sense which tells us that if a ruling party with the majority in the parliament has led the country to a crisis lasting for many years, not just a temporary one, this party should abandon its ruling positions and become an opposition party, because it cannot cope with the situation in the country. “United Russia” has shown practically the same result as in the previous election, retaining the majority in the new parliament, but this result testifies to the lack of alternative to the ruling regime: the people see no political force which might get the country out of the crisis, inspire it and lead it into the future. There is no such force in the country. Our intellectual and moral elite are indifferent to politics. They are happy with the current situation. Most of them are content with just making money; the everyday routine prevents them from looking around and saying: “Listen! The country is moving in the wrong direction! Our development path must be changed!” No. The elite are silent. Our economic minds are silent, too. They got confused, supporting the monetary theories of post-capitalism development and forgetting about the Soviet economic model, namely, the priority of state regulation over the chaos of market economy. Modern Russian economists see no alternatives to capitalism with its consumerism values. These “professors” forgot what they had been taught in their youth: national economy and state interests should always prevail over private interests and the interests of households and even of the ruling economic upper circles. Is this mutiny? No, this is an economic law!

Only the most efficient model can survive and begin to dominate in the future!

State capitalism? Look at China. This country has become the first economy of the world thanks not only to its industrious people and cheap workforce! It has become the leader because of the sensible state policy aimed at developing private initiative controlled by state strategic interests. Protectionism? Three times yes! What about liberalization and reforms? Do you want degradation and decay? This is exactly what is caused by them.

We need Great Russia! Not “United”, but Great. Russia could overcome the present slow decay and offer the world a breakthrough into the future. Something which it has done many times – an economic, social and cultural breakthrough! But it will happen only if our elite are mature enough to understand the need for change, if our citizens have an active social stand which is more important than transitory private interests.

The future is made by the present. Place yours bets, gentlemen!

© Vladimir Kuzin,

Independent journalist