People Are Scared? It Only Makes the Government Happier.

In the Russia of today the possibility of protests is minimal, which only makes the government happier.

The petition for the resignation of the Russian government has been put on for already a week, and only about 100 people have signed it. The apathy of the Russians is obvious, as well as the lack of desire to protest against the current political regime. A question arises — are the Russians really so intimidated or have they got used during the 25 years of the new Russia to keep their thoughts to themselves and to avoid fighting with injustice (which can hardly be called an active position in life). As a result, we can state the triumph of the consumer society and we can see that the citizens of Russia have turned into a flock of sheep submissively waiting to be slaughtered. According to sociologists, the September Duma Election will have the all-time lowest turnout — on average about 25 %. The current political system seems to be more stable and firm than ever before, but isn’t it a lull before the storm?

A hundred years ago, in 1917, the situation in Russia was simultaneously similar and different from the current one. The country was engaged in an attritional war. The fall in the standard of living was obvious, as well as the disillusionment of most of the population with the policies of the ruling elite. However, the activists among both simple workers and middle class increased their anti-government activities, taking advantage of the concealed dissatisfaction of the people. They both wanted one thing — to reform the current political system and come to power.

The current situation cannot but surprise us. In the past people used to go out into the streets and protest if any signs of dissatisfaction with the authorities appeared. However, now the protests have reduced themselves to just chitchat about «these authorities», even to heart-to-heart talks with total strangers. It’s no secret that taxi drivers love talking with their clients. I recently traveled by taxi and my driver, who turned out to be quite an intelligent person and talked to me head-to-head, expressed a brilliant idea: Russia is actually sleeping now and it has been sleeping for a 1000 years, since it was baptized. The Russians wake up only during a national disaster. Nothing else can wake the Russian bear up! Can you imagine that? The country wakes up a couple of times during a century, while its normal state is sleep!

It seems that the Russians’ sleepiness is growing. The total control of authorities over all kinds of protest, incessant surveillance of the Fronde and neutralization of the most active oppositionists seems to be yielding fruit. The kind Tsar is good, but the boyars are bad — that’s what about 90% of population think. Russia is sleeping, while the rest of the humanity is moving along. Do you think we are in the midst of the global economic recession now? Only five countries have seen the decrease of their GDP this year — Brazil, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia. Hang on, they say on the First National TV Channel in Russia that the global economic recession has affected China, the USA and the EU. Let’s try to understand this. The annual rate of economic growth in China is 7%, and if there has been a slight slowdown, it is not significant. In the «rotting States», the main antagonist of Russia the annual GDP growth is about 1-2%, which suits the Americans perfectly if the hegemony of the dollar continues. In Western Europe the annual rate is slower — 0,5-1%, but it has deflation! The purchasing power of euro is growing, the prices are falling, therefore the actual economic growth is bigger. In Brazil the GDP decrease is connected with the sharp growth of Brazilian real to dollar exchange rate, in Venezuela — with the poor government which failed to cope with the oil crisis. Only in the ex-USSR countries the «global» economic crisis is in full play!

You know, gentlemen, it’s a medical diagnosis. If we do not start improving our lives ourselves, nothing will help us! We must start with ourselves! Each of us! When the Russian destructive moronic economic system changes — the situation will change. Currently the most important thing in economy is to get the phantom profit, to make money, but not to achieve the efficiency of industrial growth and products. With this approach nothing will ever change. Like priest, like people. Medvedev, go away!

The petition for the resignation of the government of the Russian Federation is available at:

©Vladimir, 2016