What is “Buceta rosa”? Or why has lechery become so fashionable in Russia?

In the beginning of the 2018 World Cup a video was widely circulated on the Internet, in which a Russian girl is singing “buceta rosa” (meaning “pink pussy” and also “female sex organs” in Portuguese) along with Brazilian fans. The video caused a scandal in Brazil, as people condemned in social media their fellow countrymen making a mockery of the girl who did not understand Portuguese. According to local media, one of the fans was soon fired from his job and the other received a severe reprimand.

However, gentlemen, Buceta Rosa is a diagnosis! And not only for Russia where lots of girls are casting prudence to the winds, but for the ENTIRE world community as well!

What is football, the World Cup in which Russia is hosting for the first time? A team sport where 20 millionaires chase a single ball across the field, trying to gain glory, money and prestige by a spectacular sleight of foot. The World Cup is not a competition of enthusiastic amateurs devoting their free time to sports and playing for the love of the game! No! That era came to an end in the past century! Today’s football is a multi-billion industry, a global monster capturing more and more victims!

It is not by chance that the mass hysteria called football has even its unofficial “religion” with a “god” and “cult”! Yes, indeed! You “Christians” are worshipping an IDOL instead of professing Christ! You are worshipping Baal whom you call “Football God”! This is not a hyperbole! Such a “religion” has been officially registered!

When man forgets God, God firstly appeals to the backsliders through the prophets who denounce the dishonest ones, and afterwards, unless they come to their senses, God DESTROYS the hardened sinners! Remember ancient Sodom and Gomorrah! God destroyed them for lechery! Moscow! Saint Petersburg! Yekaterinodar! Yekaterinburg! Samara! Königsberg! Rostov! Do you want to be destroyed by fire from the heavens?! What’s going on in yours streets?!

You are enjoying the meaningless show staged by the deceitful two-tongued Russian government! While Putin is raising the retirement age and the VAT rate and all prices are growing, you only think about having fun! You are looking for somebody to have it off with and then change them for the second, third, tenth, hundredth! “Russian girls are the best in the world”, the presidential press-secretary said. “They know what they are doing!” And I will say, “You don’t understand what you are doing!” A similar frenzy already occurred in this country! It was in the mid-1950s when Moscow hosted the World Festival of Youth and Students. Yet, at that time the desire to have an affair with a “partner” looking unlike the people around you was not as widespread as it is now! People had national pride! They cared for the Honor of their country! Now that the Iron Curtain has fallen and the borders are open, men are marrying men and women are marrying women, underprivileged old veterans are starving, greedy wheeler-dealer billionaires are fattening their pockets and 90% of the population hardly make ends meet, I am calling upon you to STOP and THINK!

All that happens on the Earth happens NOT by chance, but by God’s Will! Every occurrence, whether frightful or happy, has its causes! Of course, 80% of those reading this text will shrug their shoulders and say: “Poor fool! What God! Make money! Hurry up to change the “partner”! Enjoy yourself before it’s too late, because life is short! Buceta rosa!”

But what if you Reader belong to the remaining 20 percent?! What if you have something to say?! SPEAK UP! Raise the alarm before Lord destroys our Earth!!!! And remember that the Portuguese “Buceta rosa” sounds like “bouquet of roses” in Russian!

Vladimir Kuzin